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CBS Sacramento: MIND Institute: “It’s not time for parents to panic.”

Apr 17

New research by the UC Davis MIND Institute links pregnant moms who take anxiety and depression medications called selective serotonin reputake inhibitors to children with a higher risk of autism and developmental delays.

Professor Irva Hertz-Picciotto headed up the study, which focused more on the connection between the drugs and autism in boys. That’s because boys are four times more likely to have it than girls.

Hertz-Picciotto said, “It’s not time for parents to panic.”

When should they panic? The latest update puts the autism rate at one in every 68 U.S. children, one in every 42 boys.

There’s nothing experts can tell a new mother whose baby was born healthy and is developing normally to prevent that child from ending up on the autism spectrum by age two. It was just announced there are 79,000 autistic students in CA schools. How much worse does it have to get?

I posted comments.  Only one remains up.


Sacramento Bee: Number of Sacramento County autistic students doubles over six years

Apr 17

About 3,100 Sacramento County public school students are autistic, a number that has risen seven-fold since 2000, according to new figures from the California Department of Education. . . . .

Theories for the rise, which is a nationwide phenomenon, include improved autism screening, broader definitions of the condition and a genuine increase in autism cases.

A recent University of California study concluded that changes in diagnoses patterns alone cannot explain the rise in the disease. Instead, the study postulated that environmental factors were partially to blame and called for more study of the effects of viruses, pesticides, chemicals and other substances on the development of autism.

Fears that modern vaccines cause autism have led to an increase in parents not vaccinating their children. The American Academy of Pediatrics says no evidence exists linking autism to vaccines.

The “rise” is a “nationwide phenomenon.”


Phenomenon? Why isn’t autism EVER a CRISIS?

No one knows what the possible environmental triggers might be—except they know they don’t involve VACCINES.

Albany NY, CBS 6: Doc says no link–the CDC says so

Apr 17

April is Autism Awareness month and while there is still no cause or cure for autism, the role vaccines may or may not have play continues to make headlines.

There’s been a stream of studies that show there’s no correlation between vaccinations and autism, but many people are still skeptical.

Thimerosal is talked about–no one mentions it’s made from MERCURY. Their statistic for its use is wrong. They cite the CDC as a source on vaccine safety. I posted comments.

Is U.S. Rep. Bill Posey an “anti-vaccine Congressman”?

Apr 16

On April 16, 2014, this story appeared on Google News:

U.S. Congressman Compares Corruption in CDC’s Vaccine Safety Studies to SEC’s Handling

Age of Autism picked it up.

THEREFORE: Is U.S. Rep. Bill Posey an “anti-vaccine Congressman”?

I have to ask that question.

Rep Posey was interviewed by guest host Dr. Brian Hooker for Autism One Radio on April 8, 2014 and he had some serious concerns about vaccine safety and the oversight provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Florida legislator, known as “Mr. Accountabililty,” did not mince words when criticizing current and past CDC officials including indicted fraudster Dr. Poul Thorsen; CDC director turned Merck Vaccine President Dr. Julie Gerberding; and the agency’s current spokesperson regarding autism and vaccines, Dr. Coleen Boyle.

Anytime a parent has safety concerns, they’re immediately labeled “anti-vaccine” and dangerous. Look at what they continue to do to Jenny McCarthy. Recently, David Kroll at Forbes wrote about a talk vaccine developer Dr. Paul Offit gave to journalists. Offit told them that they shouldn’t give coverage to those worried about vaccine side effects.

Over at TIME Magazine, Jeffrey Kluger slammed the National Autism Association for daring to acknowledge on their website that some parents believe vaccines caused their child’s autism.

His story was up on Google News on April 7 with the title, “Chili’s Burns Anti-Vaxxers: That’s What Happens When You Kill and Maim Kids, but within a couple of hours, it was replaced with “Chili’s Burns Anti-Vaxxers – and Probably Saves Some Kids’ Lives.” (It seems that TIME decided their senior science editor’s yellow sheet journalism was just a little too strong.)

There are countless stories out right now slamming McCarthy because of her “anti-vaccine,” position: She wants toxins removed from vaccines and the aggressive schedule modified. That is not allowed. No one can imply that something may be wrong with the mandated vaccination schedule. It could erode public confidence in the vaccine program. Parents won’t vaccinate and children will die. Offiicials and other vaccine promotors have to continue to deny any link between vaccines and the epidemic of autism and chronic illness among our children.

So what will they do about an elected official who’s rocking the boat, asking questions and demanding someone be held accountable? Jeffrey Kluger probably won’t accuse Posey of killing and maiming children and Offit won’t say he should be sent to jail for talking like this. No, they’ll just ignore him. Posey won’t be covered in TIME or Forbes. This Age of Autism story may appear on Google News, but like Hannah Poling before him, his issues will die a quick death in the media.










Rob Schneider and Andy Wakefield (Video) EXCELLENT!

Apr 15

I transcribed the second video (about an hour) first because it was shorter than the top video, which is three hours long.

It is great. Rob Schneider and Andy Wakefield said things that were exactly on target. I’m especially impressed with Schneider because he’s not one of us. He’s learned an amazing amount of information. I’m like his idea of the historical perspective.

The Give Autism a Chance conference in Austin, TX on April 12, 2014

Rob Schneider: “You have to know that we are willing. You have to know that. You have to know that Big Pharma is doing everything they can, because the word is out and people know. The number one concern for parents, not just in this country, but in most of the western world, the biggest concern is vaccinations. The biggest concern is autism. . . . When you have Big Pharma, . . . big media, and . . . big government working together with the medical establishment, it seems like there is no possible way to get the message out. The message is getting out. People are hearing it.

“I do not have a vaccine injured child. I became educated because of people in this room, the man sitting next to me, who put his career on the line. And other people, whose main goal is to just make sure other people’s children don’t get hurt. That’s a pretty amazing thing. . . .

“You have to look at this in a historical perspective, . . . from the abolition of slavery. It seemed like a dark, empty hole. It really did for those people back then, fighting this thing. Which is an obvious evil, but [to] the powers that be at this time, it just didn’t make sense. And eventually, it came around. The same thing with Civil Rights. . . .

“There seems to be this protection for one group of drugs that no other group of drugs is afforded. Fifty percent of American kids have chronic illness and we need to look at everyone and everything needs to be on the table. . . .

“They’re vulnerable to information. Once word gets out, it gets out. You cannot dismiss parents who have children with autism. . . . The numbers are too big. They can try to take the numbers, manipulate the numbers, make new numbers, come with more reasons for numbers, but the numbers are there. And they’re not numbers, they’re human being. These are people’s children. They cannot and will not be ignored. . . .

“What we’re really talking about [is] when government combines with big business to start making new laws, and making mandates, making legislation for what people cannot do, or have to do, we’re really talking about a different word, and that word is fascism. That’s really what it is. When the government decides what you can and cannot do, and you no longer have a choice. . . .

“[Bill Gates] had his own issues with Microsoft, the government was really going hard after him. For some reason, he decided to become a big vaccine supporters and spend billions of dollars in Africa, and the next thing you know, all the changes against him were dropped. . . . That seems like something interesting, but you’re not going to read about that in any mainstream magazines or mainstream media.

“I just want to know what we’re really dealing with. There was this report about freedom of the press and they talked about different countries and where the United States fits in, for freedom of the press, out of 300 countries, 133rd. We’re one above Haiti. That’s a fact. According to European press sources, Finland and Norway, those are always number one. We’re 133rd. There’s a direct correlation to that and how we’re 37th with infant mortality rates and dropping.

“We have to find ways to unite resources that we do have and the commonalities we do have, because the goals are the same: how can we improve the health of children in this country? How can we make sure this doesn’t continue to happen. How can we end this epidemic of unwell children? How can we make sure this doesn’t happen to another generation? How can we get these numbers to start dropping? . . .

“This number. . . is kind of tough to say, because it’s about people who are well off and have money, but upwards of 80 to 85 percent of children in private schools in Orange Country are unvaccinated. Those are the numbers. . . . They don’t talk about it a lot, but they’re saying, we’re not going to do this. . . .

“I think combined, we have a chance to make a difference. . . . I think Darrell Issa is a good guy. . . . I do think he’s under a lot of pressure. Every Congressman, every Senator, is under pressure constantly to get re-elected. . . .

“I know that there is an anger out there. I feel it. I do feel it. . . . When someone has an injured child, and this could have been easily prevented, and yet this is still continuing to go on. And government isn’t doing anything to protect the most vulnerable members of a society. . . .

“It’s an honor to stand with you. . . . We have to combine. We have to attack them and focus on things like parental rights, . . . and start figuring out how we can use the lack of real science against them. And that’s a real problem.

Schneider was asked why others in show business aren’t speaking out about what’s happening.

“I’ve had a lot of bad reviews for different things I’ve done in my career, but I’ve never gotten more flack or more hate, since I said, ‘I’ll stand with people’ . . . But there’s a lot of fear out there. . .

Andrew Wakefield: “We have to understand that the currency of the pharmaceutical industry is fear and they are most generous with that currency. Once people realize that the power is with the people, when people stand together, when Hollywood stands together, when all those who know in Orange County private schools stand together and realize that the vitriolic attacks . . . that is the measure of a system that has failed. When you have to enact mandates, when you have to force children to get vaccinated, that is not the measure of a successful public health program. That is a measure of its failure. . .

Rob Schneider: “You have to know, if you look at history, that we are winning. They can’t do anything more than this. They only thing they could do is put you in jail, which they would like to do actually. . . . They’d like to blame you if somebody gets measles in your neighborhood and dies. Let’s find the person who wasn’t vaccinated and blame them. . . .

“They will repeat lies over and over and over again and newspapers will print them. I read several of them last night before I came here. . . .

“Unfortunately, what we’re doing, we’re weakening an entire generation, generations now of people’s immune systems who now will not know how to deal with any form of virus and bacteria. We have a weakened society–and that fits perfectly well with the pharmaceutical industry’s needs, and wants and profits.

“Gandhi said, ‘First they ignored me, then they laughed at me, then they fought me, then I won.’ Well, they’re fighting very hard right now. . . .”

Andrew Wakefield: “Joseph Stalin said, ‘Ideas are more dangerous than weapons. We do not allow our enemies weapons, why would we allow them ideas?’ So go have ideas, and then act on them.”

CBS News: Some companies see opportunity in autism

Apr 15

“I am fairly convinced that America is not really aware of the pending tsunami of burden that the current autistic rate will put on our workforce and adult support services in the next 10 to 20 years,” said one father of a 14-year-old autistic son.

He’s not alone in his concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 American children lie along the Autism spectrum. That number is far higher than in years past, likely reflecting greater awareness of the condition and changing diagnostic standards. Still, the overall number of autistic children has increased. And autism is not simply a disorder of childhood — it follows people into adulthood and into the workforce.

Some companies see this as an opportunity.

No comments allowed here, or I would have written….

Dear CBS,

You make no sense. You have an unnamed dad saying there’s ‘a pending tsunami’ but you talk about companies seeing all the coming adults with autism as “an opportunity.” . . .

“Of course, it is easier for people on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum to find work, but that doesn’t mean work isn’t available for people with greater challenges.”

Show us where all the ASD adults are working RIGHT NOW.

And it “doesn’t mean work isn’t available for people with greater challenges.” Would that include those who don’t speak, need constant care, and have seizures?

Your media spin here is, DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE COMING ADULTS WITH AUTISM THAT NO ONE CAN REASONABLY EXPLAIN, WE’LL ADJUST JUST FINE. No need to ask where they’re all coming from. It’s just “greater awareness. . .” So go find the adults that were missed BEFORE all the “greater awareness.”



ABC News: Jenny McCarthy vs Dr. William Schaffner

Apr 15

Mom Whose Child Died of Chicken Pox Advocates for Vaccines

Duffy Peterson said that she wishes she had questioned the doctor’s recommendations more forcefully. It was only discovered after an autopsy that Abby was born without a spleen, an organ that is an essential part of the immune system. This made her especially vulnerable to germs and viruses, Duffy Peterson said.

Since Abby’s death, Duffy Peterson has become a pro-vaccine crusader, speaking before the Minnesota legislature and helping to pass laws requiring childhood immunization in the state. She said that the small but vocal minority of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children for fear of adverse reactions including autism are well-intentioned but irresponsible. . . .

“From a scientific point of view this is a closed question,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenn. “Vaccines have virtually wiped out a number of diseases that used to plague this country — and they do not cause autism.” . . .

ABC News removed my comments after they were posted—even ones where I removed the links. Notice Schaffner (expert from Vanderbilt) vs McCarthy (actress).

Bottom line….this child had NO SPLEEN. ABC News would NEVER cover a child who was vaccine injured to raise concerns about vaccine side effects.


Barbara Loe Fisher in USA Today

Apr 14

With 95% of U.S. kindergarteners fully vaccinated and one child in six learning disabled, one in 10 asthmatic and one in 50 living with autism, educated parents and health care professionals are asking legitimate questions about why so many highly …

Barbara Loe Fisher made excellent points here. Vaccines, like any medical product, carry risks. USA Today is clear whose side they’re on.

This ran the same day.

The anti-vaccine movement was sparked by a 1998 study in a British medical journal linking the MMR vaccine to autism. That study has been thoroughly debunked. But its hold on worried parents has only grown. Fears extend to other vaccines, as well.


Florida Today: Barbara Loe Fisher: “Leave parents free to choose vaccines”

Apr 14

Barbara Loe Fisher did a great job here. These are the facts about vaccination. They shouldn’t upset anyone. Listen to the prescription drug ads all over the TV. They happily tell us, “Side effects include. . . ” And they’re not minor. The same is true of vaccines. I posted comments.

The public conversation about vaccine safety and choice began after Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, shielding drug companies from product liability and doctors from vaccine-injury lawsuits. Under that law, $3 billion has been paid to the vaccine injured while liability-free drug companies enjoy profits from a multibillion- dollar market.




Apr 14

Since it’s clear that neither health officials nor the federal government plan on doing anything to address autism, this is going to be a state disaster. There is no comment section here or I’d ask,


Where are those adults?

It’s a fair question. We’re constantly told that all the kids with autism are the result of “better diagnosing” of a disorder that’s always been around. Why aren’t doctors applying the same brilliance toward finding the adult population with autism?

Proposal calls for new strategies on autism

A bill that would establish a state autism commission and proposes other strategies for addressing the needs of the growing number of children diagnosed with the disorder is expected to come up for a vote in the Massachusetts House of Representatives this week.


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