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Mar 30

Wilkes-Barre (PA) Times Leader: April’s focus is on Autism awareness
An increasing number of families face the challenges of raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a general term for a group of complex brain development disorders. According to the National Autism Association’s website, ASD now affects 1 in 68 children and that number is growing.
“An increasing number“. . .WHY?  “That number is growing” . . .WHY?  How bad is it going to get?  Do we dare ask?
April is Autism Awareness Month, and several local organizations are sponsoring events geared at raising both money and awareness of a condition that sometimes seems to be unmanageable.
“Autism Awareness Month” . . . What are we supposed to be aware of? What’s the money for? 
The truth is, we’re in the grip of an epidemic affecting our children with no known cause, prevention, or cure that is expected to get worse.

CDC: April/autism “an opportunity to celebrate”

Mar 30

I notice that each year the press release from officials gets shorter. 
 (I can’t find anything from Insel for 2015, but he will be on a video on April 6.)
Here’s a timely announcement from the CDC:
Mar 27, 2015, Announcement: Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Day – April 2015
April is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2 is World Autism Day. These observances offer the opportunity to highlight the increasing number of children identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the substantial burden on families and health, educational and other support services, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the unique perspectives of those living with ASD.

ASD is a developmental disability that can cause major social, communication, and behavioral challenges. Signs of ASD begin during early childhood and usually last throughout a person’s life (1). The cause of most cases of ASD is unknown, and there is currently no cure. CDC’s most recent surveillance data indicate that about one in 68 children has been identified with ASD (2), which represents an almost 30% increase since the previous estimate in 2012. CDC has been active in documenting changes in the number and characteristics of children with ASD over the past decade. However, there remains an urgent need to continue research into causes of and effective interventions for ASD (3) and help children living with ASD to achieve their potential.

CDC, working with its state and academic partners, is committed to tracking the changing number and characteristics of children with ASD, researching what puts children at greater risk for ASD, and promoting early identification of children with ASD.

Notice the wording: “the increasing number of children identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).”  That’s to make it clear that we don’t know if there’s actually MORE AUTISM.  It may just be that doctors are just recognizing it in more children.
It’s really hard to imagine that there’s “an opportunity to celebrate the unique perspectives of those living with ASD” when I think of individuals like the 20 year old, nonverbal young woman I work with who’s still in diapers, chews her fingernails down to nothing, and is in need of constant supervision.  I’m sure that the phrase is there only to satisfy all those “neuro-diversity” folks out there.
The CDC cites the rate of one in 68, calling it the “most recent surveillance data.”  The truth is, that rate is based on children born in 2002.
Notice also the goals of the CDC when it comes to autism.  They plan to keep “tracking the changing number” and look for risk factors, while calling for more early identification.
What’s missing here is any recognition that this is a problem, let alone a crisis.  There’s absolutely no concern about an ever-increasing rate.  These folks are not devoting themselves to finding the cause  and stopping what is clearly an epidemic.  There’s no mention of regressive autism or the lack of a similar rate among adults.
The media will take their cue from this.  If officials are satisfied that everything that can be done is being done, we all should be.

**Deseret News: “One in 54 Utah kids has autism. . . “

Mar 29

The one undeniable fact here is that one in 54 Utah kids has autism.


That should have everyone scared. 
Imagine the future when two percent of adults will have autism AND one in every four of them will be nonverbal.  
The nightmare continues.  When will it end?
Mar 29, 2015, School for kids with autism helps inside and outside the classroom
One in 54 Utah kids has autism – the second highest prevalence in the nation – and 1 in 4 cannot or will not speak. . .
Research involving autism is ongoing and Hood said a lot of it, including the narrowing down of genetic susceptibility and possible environmental triggers, is promising. The research, however, is costly, as well. “They are getting closer to identifying possible causes and that helps to build more effective intervention principles,” Hood said.

Autism Speaks: Tool kit to diagnosis adults with ASD!

Mar 29

Autism Speaks has turned what should be seen as an international health disaster–a generation of neurologically damaged children–into a curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out.  They’ve done this by promoting numerous lies, most notably that autism is a genetic disorder unrelated to the toxins our children are exposed to in the ever-increasing vaccination schedule.
Eight years ago AS got the U.N. to proclaim World Autism Awareness Day for April 2nd and thousands of famous sites around the world are now illuminated in blue for April 2nd.  Here in the U.S. we have a month of walks and celebration for a disorder with no known cause, prevention or cure. 
Autism Speaks calls for money, awareness, and services.  They pretend that autism has always been here like this, it just wasn’t recognized.  In 2011, they produced a study from South Korea showing an autism rate of one in every 38 children. 
  According to AS, this was proof that autism is still “under recognized”/”underdiagnosed” and therefore the continuing increase in the rate is to be expected.
The glaring flaw in all of this make-believe is the absence of an adult population with a comparable rate.  Many of us have long asked for evidence that autism is an adult problem as well.  The fact that there aren’t services already in place for the young adults with autism aging out of our school system seems to show that this is a new phenomenon. 
Autism Speaks is now out to dispel that idea.  Adults have autism, we just didn’t know it.  We’re talking about people functioning in the adult world, but who have personality problems and a lack of social skills.  I’m sure the media will fall in line with the lie that there are lots of autistic adults out there.
(This was tried before with a study from the U.K. that supposedly found an autistic adult population with a questionnaire.)
This is more fraud and cover-up.  No one has EVER been able to show us an adult population with the signs of classic autism like we see in so many of our children.  Believe me, no one needs a “tool kit” to recognize autism in the non-verbal, hand-flapping, spinning 10 year old in diapers.  IF Autism Speaks wants anyone to believe them, they need to find that adults like this.  Also we need to see adults with severe autism who started out as typically developing children, but who suddenly and dramatically lost learned skills and regressed into autism, along with seizure disorder and bowel disease. 

Mar 28, 2015
Press Release - Autism Speaks Resources Cover the Full Lifespan with Release of Adult Diagnosis Tool Kit – Autism Daily Newscast
First-of-its-kind guide now available for adults who have been recently diagnosed with autism, as well as those who suspect they have the disorder.

New York, N.Y – Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, today has launched a new tool kit that addresses the needs of adults affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The tool kit – Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults – provides an overview of ASD to help recently diagnosed adults better understand the disorder, and offers guidance to people who suspect they have ASD but have not received a formal evaluation. “With increased awareness of ASD and its signs and symptoms, a growing number of people are receiving diagnoses during adulthood,” said Lisa Goring, executive vice president of programs and services at Autism Speaks. “At the same time, there are many adults who suspect they have ASD but have not received a professional evaluation or have been misdiagnosed with other conditions. Our new tool kit provides a roadmap so that adults with autism and those seeking an evaluation can navigate their journey with the disorder.”

Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults As autism awareness has grown dramatically in recent years, many young adults and adults have learned the signs and felt there may be a connection between their feelings and behaviors and the symptoms of autism. 


Mar 29

I was expecting an updated autism rate soon (since officials usually coincide it with all the fun and frolic of April Autism Awareness month).  I just didn’t expect to hear about from a town in Mississippi. 
Notice the tone here.  Autism is just one big mystery.  It’s a disorder affecting children–and hey–they’re “confident” new numbers will be even worse.  AND NO ONE IS WORRIED AND NO ONE CARES.
We are living a nightmare.

Light it up!

Hernando students again kick off awareness

Each year, Hernando High School forsakes its school colors of black and gold for a time and embraces the color blue.Students did so again Friday to kick off Autism Awareness Month with its fourth annual “Light It Up Blue Hernando” rally in a packed Theron Long gymnasium on the school campus. . . .

National figures place the number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at one in 68, a number which experts are confident will increase when new estimates are released in April.  

“Light It Up Blue” is part of the “Autism Speaks” national awareness effort. Blue is used because five times as many boys as girls are diagnosed with the disorder. A puzzle piece is also used as a symbol of autism to reflect the complexity and mystery surrounding autism and because autism affects each person differently, just as each piece of a puzzle is different.

**Lansing (MI) State Journal: FINALLY….AUTISM IS “A CRISIS”

Mar 28


That opening line by someone in the autism community is a no-brainer.  (It should go further …and demand answers, but this is good to see.)
The only thing what’s changed regarding autism during the last 10 years is that the numbers are more horrific. 
Millions wasted on dead-end research.
Nothing done to provide for the coming adults with autism.
Official still unconcerned and clueless.
Doctors taking credit for all the “better diagnosign”
Parents faced with bankrupting costs and limited resources.
April should be AUTISM ALARM MONTH!
Mar 28, 2015, David Meador: The autism crisis and Michigan
David Meador board chair of the Autism Alliance of Michigan and is vice chairman of DTE Energy.

International Autism Awareness Day is Thursday, April 2. I call it a crisis, but why? With no known cause or cure, autism impacts 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys, (in Michigan) and the incidence rate continues to increase at an alarming rate. . . .

Special education has to improve. Too few schools are providing teacher training and support to implement evidenced-based education, mainstream as many students as possible, and ensure that each child is learning to maximum potential.

Just as important, we have to ensure that our children with autism are not subject to practices of seclusion or restraint. We must change Michigan’s laws to make these practices illegal.

We still have a “lifetime system” that is generating 90 percent unemployment rates in adults on the spectrum. With better, evidenced-based education, robust transition planning, and lifetime and employment skill training, our goal is unemployment equal to that of the state’s larger population.

New York Post attacks ROBERT KENNEDY JR

Mar 27

There is, of course, no comment section on this editorial.    Thimerosal doesn’t cause autism.   There’s no mention that it’s made from mercury, and besides, it was removed 14 years ago.
Mar 27, 2015
RFK Jr.’s vaccine villainy

Ask Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about climate change and he’ll tell you that no one should even question the overwhelming scientific consensus.

Ask about vaccinations, and he’ll tell you that the scientific consensus and “sock puppet” federal agencies are conspiring with drug-makers to cover up a dangerous threat.

That’s just what he told a rally this week at the New Jersey Statehouse. The target: a bill to require parents to provide an explanation when they ask to opt out of mandatory vaccinations for their kids.

RFK Jr. has long been a national spokesman for the Looney Tunes brigade on vaccinations – spewing junk-science paranoia at a time when nearly eradicated childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough are re-emerging, thanks to anti-science hysteria. . . .

Yet the scientific consensus is far more solid here than on climate change: Thimerasol does not cause autism or any other disorder. Indeed, it was removed from pediatric vaccines 14 years ago, yet autism rates continue to rise.

The real threat to kids isn’t some imaginared conspiracy, but Robert Kennedy’s promotion of dangerous pseudo-science – and the politicians who take him seriously.

MAR 25, 2015, Andy Wakefield speaking on steps Texas State Capitol – YouTube

Mar 27

vaccine death………

Andrew Wakefield: “Here is the problem.  Here is the real problem at the heart of this.   And that is, NEVER in the history of this planet has there ever been any safety study of that combination of vaccines.”


Mar 27


Glyphosate being sprayed on a field in Suffolk, England. Introduced in the 1970s, it is the most widely used herbicide in the world. Credit Universal Images Group, via Getty Images

So 24 years ago, the EPA said Roundup is safe.  NOW…there’s a recognized “probable” link to cancer. 
How can that be?  A trusted U.S. oversight agency said it was safe. 
All I can imagine is a headline that reads, THIMEROSAL, LONG CLEARED, IS DOUBTED. It’s already been ten years since the IOM said injecting live viruses and mercury into humans can’t hurt them.  Do we have to wait another decade or two?
(“Reviewers had no pestidice industry ties”…. You’ll notice that no one ever says anything like ….”Reviewers had no vaccine industry ties” when the CDC gives us another study showing no link between vaccines and autism.)
Weed Killer, Long Cleared, Is Doubted –

Thirty years ago, an Environmental Protection Agency committee determined that the popular weed killer Roundup might cause cancer. Six years later, in 1991, the agency reversed itself after re-evaluating the mouse study that had been the basis for the original conclusion.

Now the issue is back again, in an even bigger way. An agency of the World Health Organization has declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, “probably” causes cancer in people. One piece of evidence the agency cites is that same mouse study.

The declaration drew an angry response from Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, which has accused the agency of having an “agenda” and “cherry picking” the data to support its case.

The conclusion is “starkly at odds with every credible scientific body that has examined glyphosate safety,” Philip Miller, Monsanto‘s vice president for global regulatory affairs, told reporters on Tuesday. That includes a recent review by German government regulators on behalf of the European Union. . . .

Officials at the agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, said they had no agenda other than to inform the World Health Organization. They said the conclusion was based on studies of people, laboratory animals and cells.

“All three lines of evidence sort of said the same thing, which is we ought to be concerned about this,” said Aaron Blair, a retired epidemiologist from the National Cancer Institute who was chairman of the group of 17 reviewers from around the world; agreement on the classification was unanimous. . . .

The agency assessment began about a year ago with a literature search and culminated this month, when the working group met in Lyon, France. Reviewers had no ties with the pesticide industry, Dr. Guyton said.

**USA Today: Banning unvaccinated from school

Mar 27


I love warrior moms….willing to stand up to this INSANITY!
So despite the fact that our children are eating food with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, Aspartame, GMO Roundup laced corn and and wheat, carcinogenic dyes and flavoring, meat filled with antibiotics and growth hormones— we only care that they’re vaccinated.
Mar 27, 2015, Mom furious after unvaccinated student sent home

DETROIT – A Michigan mother is furious after her sixth-grade son was sent home from class Friday because he’s not fully vaccinated against chicken pox.

One of Michael Donovan’s classmates is among three students in the district who is infected.

“I wasn’t vaccinated, and I don’t think it’s fair that I can’t go to school,” Michael, 11, said after his mother, Sarah, was called to the school to pick him up.

Leaving the school, the Birmingham woman said she was “beyond not happy,” referring to a district spokeswoman’s comment earlier this week that some parents were not happy with the decision to exclude unvaccinated children from schools with confirmed chicken pox cases. . . .

Though health professionals and researchers have said links between autism and vaccines have been repeatedly discredited, Donovan and other parents believe the damaging side effects of vaccines are not fully known and often downplayed.

Donovan also says the policy violates federal privacy laws, because other children and parents know that children who are not at school during this period have not been vaccinated.

When school officials called Thursday, she said she told them that she would send Michael to school Friday, despite their directions.

And then she prepared her son. . . .


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