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Login EVERYONE GET YOUR ANNUAL FLU SHOT (and don’t worry, it can’t cause autism)

Oct 23

In the wonderful world of New Jersey, vaccines are always safe, abundant, and heavily promoted.  How nice for people in NJ that “roughly 90 percent of the state’s 1,900 chain, retail, supermarket-based, and independent pharmacies now offer the vaccine” and hospitals require it for employees
According to Sue Collins, co-founder of the six-year-old, several thousand-member New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice (NJCVC), “we’re not anti-vaccine, we just feel that vaccines should be a choice made by individuals and their families,” she said. “Vaccinations like the flu shot incorporate drugs such as antibiotics and mercury-containing thimerosal, which have potential side effects and may in fact be setting us up for more weakened immune systems in the end,” she said. Among additional concerns, said Collins, are worries that flu shots might not necessarily protect against this year’s strain, as the killed-virus vaccine made available in the U.S. by late summer is based on flu strains that were circulating most frequently in the Far East 6-8 months earlier. …In addition, while some believe that the measles vaccine and others have been linked to conditions like autism, data from many scientific studies has failed to prove this. And studies show that we may actually experience a build-up of protection against the flu by getting a flu shot every year,” she said. 
Flu vaccines are for everyone in NJ.: As public health officials, we advise all people over six months of age to get immunized during flu season, and the sooner the better.’
Of course, to be fair and balanced, the reporter put an advocate for vaccine choice up against CDC officials, doctors, pharmacists, and members of the public who get the annual flu shot.
It should also be noted that New Jersey also enjoys the highest autism rate in the U.S., one in every 45 kids, one in every 28 boys.


Oct 22

635495189561290024-Autismcnr Photo: KING5
Also true, autism prevents Alyssa from taking care of herself.
“You know, we spend out lives in the first 21 years of their lives getting our children ready to go out in the community,” Barbara Burnett said. “The reality is right now is our community is not ready for children like Alyssa.” Eventually, they hope to develop a community center where adults like Alyssa can experience enriching lives. A place for them to go. A chance for life-long learning for them. And now that place exists. The Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center in Bothell. Program manager Tammy Mitchel says the approach is loosely based on the parks and recreation’s model. Goals are modest but also monumental…. Word has gotten out. Children’s has received calls from Alaska, Colorado, California, Idaho and Montana asking about these services. That’s how great the need is.

I can’t post a comment here.   It’s too bizarre. 
As a country, over the last 25 years, we’ve adjusted to…
…a once rare disorder becoming so common that everyone knows someone with a child with autism,
…kids who were born healthy and who inexplicably got sick, lost learned skills and regressed into autism,
…schools filled with special needs kids–ones who can’t speak, can’t learn or can’t behave,
…an ever-increasing autism rate with no rational explanation,
…one bizarre theory after another, including bad genes, as the possible cause of an epidemic,
…no U.S. health official EVER calling autism a CRISIS,
…more and more children with autism aging out of school with nowhere to go,
…parents having to come up with adult living conditions for their children,
…no one in the media asking why these 20 year olds with autism can’t go where autistic adults have always gone,
…CDC officials taking no notice and continuing to pretend that it’s always been like this,
…autistic young adults being in dire circumstances when sick and elderly parents just can’t manage them anymore,

Business World: Call To End Use Of Mercury In Vaccines

Oct 22

Why we have to poison children in the poorest countries: COST AND CLIMATE.
This is an Indian Business Magazine.  Incredibly, here’s a publication critical of injecting mercury into people.  Americans aren’t used to that of course.  Our media sources, with rare exception, are lockstep in their endorsement of vaccines, especially vaccines containing mercury, as safe.  Back in 2000, pharmaceutical companies were urged to remove it from most pediatric vaccines–except the flu vaccine.  Officials said it was merely a precaution–there was no real evidence of harm.  Children in the poorest countries weren’t so lucky.  Their vaccines continue to contain mercury at levels far exceeding any safety standards. 
There is no justification for exposing anyone to toxic mercury.  The mercury-containing preservative thimerosal was never tested or approved by the FDA, yet it’s allowed in vaccines.  Children around the world continue to be exposed to a deadly neurotoxin with devastating results.
Notice what the two people at the hospital in New Delhi say about the use of mercury.  In this country, the press gives us Paul Offit at CHOP saying it was a mistake to ever remove it from vaccines in the first place and that there’s more exposure to mercury in a tuna sandwich–of course we all know where he’s coming from.
Leading doctors have called for an end to the use of mercury in vaccines to avoid potential threat to health of children. The call has come at a time when India has agreed to ratify the Minamata Convention – the international treaty banning use of mercury – and phase out the use of the toxic element over the coming decade.

“Continuing to use this potentially toxic substance when there is little justification for it, will erode the trust of the public and endanger many public health initiatives,”  Jacob  Puliyel  and Ritika Chhawchharia of the Department of Pediatrics at St Stephens Hospital in New Delhi states.

Wall Street Journal says it’s safe to inject mercury into babies and toddlers

Oct 21

WSJ:School entry requirements have proven to be the best way to vaccinate children. It’s a good way to catch people.

-Alexandra Stewart, associate professor at Milken Institute School of Public Health at Georgetown University
I have to say that the WSJ thinks it’s all right too expose children to MERCURY–the deadliest non–radioactive element on Earth.  WHY?  …because there’s no mention of it in this story where they promote flu vaccines for kids 6 months to 5 years of age in NYC daycare. 
Reporter Sumathi Reddy may not even know about the presence of toxic mercury in the majority of the shots available.  She, like most reporters, can be confident that if they go to the website of the CDC,  they’ll have to look no further.  Parents can relax.  The only things that can happen“are mild and short-lasting.” 
So if your child is vaccinated with 25 mcg of mercury and suddenly loses learned skills, develops seizures and bowel problems, it’s just a sad coincidence.
Of course Reddy doesn’t mention that NO ONE HAS ANY LIABILITY FOR VACCINE INJURIES.  Parents have to learn that fact for themselves. 
 Preschools Consider Requiring Flu Shots
New York City joins New Jersey and Connecticut in mandating that children get vaccinated
 Oct 6, 2014
Getting the flu vaccination is becoming a prerequisite for day care and preschool in some places. This year New York City joins the states of New Jersey and Connecticut in requiring children in licensed day-care centers and preschools to receive the influenza vaccination. Rhode Island expects to implement a similar requirement next year. The moves follow mandates by medical facilities and a number of states to make sure health-care workers are immunized against the flu. Mandatory flu vaccines generally have exemptions for medical, religious and sometimes loosely defined “personal” reasons. …
Side effects from a flu shot are mild and short-lasting, the CDC says. These can include soreness or swelling where the shot was given, a low-grade fever and aches. Experts say severe side effects are very rare. … The New York City measure, which applies to children from 6 months to nearly 5 years old, requires all children in city-licensed facilities to get vaccinated by the end of the calendar year.
Families are expected to obtain vaccinations for children on their own. If cost is a factor, Medicaid covers immunizations. The mandate applies to an estimated 150,000 children enrolled in New York City-licensed programs, which serve the majority of the city’s young children. Exemptions are allowed for medical and religious reasons.

**Lawrence Solomon on vaccine failure

Oct 21

An Ebola vaccine that protected us from this killer disease would be a godsend. But rushing a vaccine to widespread use, history has shown, could be tragic, not only by infecting the healthy but also by delaying the development of safe and effective vaccines.

In 1934 and 1935, two polio vaccines were prematurely employed in large-scale trials with disastrous results. The vaccines, given to 17,000 children in Canada and the U.S., killed six and paralyzed a dozen others, the deaths and paralyses typically involving paralysis in the inoculated arm rather than in the legs, as was more normal. So traumatic was this experience — to both the public and the research establishment — that it would take another two decades before another polio vaccine would be brought to market.

Tragically, the 1955 vaccine — named after its inventor, Jonas Salk — had an even more disastrous debut. In the rush to mass-produce this vaccine amid the polio outbreaks of the early 1950s — this vaccine received the quickest federal approval on record — caution was thrown to the winds, with Salk and the head of the National Institute of Health refusing to heed warnings, including from other scientists in the field and from a scientist within the NIH itself. The result: 70,000 afflicted by the polio vaccine, 51 of them left permanently paralyzed, plus five deaths. These afflictions were then followed by an epidemic among the family and friends that these vaccine recipients came into contact with, with a further 113 paralyses plus five deaths.


Excellent piece, Mr. Solomon.  Why is it that no one in the mainstream news ever admits that vaccines, like any other medical product, carry risks?  WHEN IT COMES TO VACCINES, WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT THE FAILURES OF THE PAST.  With only rare exception, we’re constantly told on every major network, newspaper and magazine that vaccines carry no real risks.  With over 250 new vaccines in the testing stages right now, we have to be ready to accept an ever-increasing numbers of recommended vaccines.  In the case of our children, they are mandated by the states.

What everyone reading this needs to realize, when it comes to an Ebola vaccine and every other shot out there…neither the doctor nor the vaccine maker has any liability in the U.S. They’ve been protected by federal law.  Instead, when someone is injured by a vaccine, they have to appeal to a federal program where they’ll find themselves up against government lawyers defending a government program using government money.  Few people are ever successful.  Those that are report that it took seven to fourteen years to reach a settlement.

Interlochen (MI) Public Radio: Lack of autism specialists creating long wait times for children

Oct 21

A new report says Michiganlacks enough autism specialists to handle the number of children being diagnosed and treated with the disorder.

The Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation (CHRT) says that means long wait times before many children and their families can get help.

“We actually talked to all of the treatment programs to get a sense of the average waiting time for appointments, and it was anywhere from a month to, in some cases, two years, depending on the particular program,” said CHRT Director Marianne Udow-Phillips.

So, the message here is that autism is only a problem because they don’t have enough specialists.  Notice the rate isn’t mentioned. 
Seriously, the press is clueless about what’s happening. “Blissfully Unaware” is what I like to call them.  Kids can wait for years for appointments–still nothing is really wrong.  We just need more specialists.

**The Atlantic: The Psychology of Anti-Vaxers: How Story Trumps Science

Oct 21

Dr. Douglas Hulstedt, a pediatrician in Monetery, California, shares Smoot’s preference for personal stories over scientific evidence. Hulstedt accepts patients who are not vaccinated. He goes even further, and recommends refusing vaccinations if a patient has a family history of autism, lupus, Crohn’s disease, or Type 1 diabetes.

“Why do I need a medical study?” he says. “If 80 percent of the parents of children with regressive autism in my practice say their child reacted after the MMR [measles, mumps, and rubella] shot, why do I need a medical study?” Hulstedt says that studies showing no link between the MMR vaccine and autism or showing that vaccines are safe and effective might have “fraud in the reportage.”…

The Atlantic actually beat the bushes found a doc who doesn’t insist that all of his patients get vaccinated.  Of course everyone else, including the CDC, says they’re safe, safe, safe……

I tried to post ONE COMMENT…there were no links…….   It seems The Atlantic is very selective in First Amendment rights. NBC’s Snyderman faces credibility issues

Oct 20


The quarantine against possible Ebola exposure ends this week for Dr. Nancy Snyderman, but the troubles clearly aren’t over for NBC News’ chief medical editor.

An admitted lapse in the quarantine, combined with a curiously imprecise explanation, unleashed a furious response. NBC must now decide whether Snyderman’s credibility is too damaged for her to continue reporting on Ebola or other medical issues and, if so, for how long. The network would not comment.

Listen NBC, Dr. Nancy’s credibility was damaged far beyond repair years ago when she decided to cover up the horrendous damage from an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule.



Cape Cod News: Autism housing explored in Dennis

Oct 20

I have seen so many stories like this from lots of places in the U.S.  They’re always local news.  They tell us ASD kids are aging out of school with nowhere to go.  It’s up to parents to provide something for them as adults.  Many of them can’t talk, have seizures, wander away, have meltdowns.  Notice the complacency about the current rate and what might be causing it.  No one is asking why autistic young adults can’t go where autistic adults have always gone.  Somehow we’re just supposed adjust to a significant part of the population being disabled. 
Someone needs to make the CDC explain this.  Where are the adults currently and we can’t find them, shouldn’t we be in a frenzy to address the cause?
Imagine what the U.S. will be like when one in every 68 people across the population has autism.  ….the nightmare continues…..
Dennis parents Kathy and John Ohman are experts on autism – two of their three sons have been diagnosed with the disorder. Now the couple is part of an organization asking town meeting to help create housing for what they say is an underserved population.

Eighty percent of adults with autism live at home once they “age out” of special education programs at 22, said Kathy Ohman, who is president of Friends Or Relatives With Autism & Related Disorders, or FORWARD. That means there is little opportunity for social involvement and a lack of a clear plan for a future when parents can no longer care for them, she said….

** The Ebola Outbreak and Current State of Vaccine Development

Oct 20

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration argues that, “American consumers benefit from having access to the safest and most advanced pharmaceutical system in the world. The system set in place to approve pharmaceutical drugs, medications and vaccines provides for immense scrutiny of the effects of the medication on a subject well before that drug ever comes up for sale. Although the FDA and its Center for Drug Evaluation and Research do not conduct pharmaceutical testing themselves, they require testing and review data from these studies that are attached to new drug applications, or NDAs….

Today there is a lot of investment by American pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in the area of vaccine development. As of September 2013, there were 271 vaccines created by American biotechnology companies that were either in human clinical trials or under review by the FDA.

This article is intended to promote vaccines and challenge the claim that they cause autism.  Interesting facts show up.  It’s clear from the piece and the info from the links embedded here that we have a lot to worry about.  This comment about testing was scary enough………..
It is the responsibility of the company seeking to market a drug to test it and submit evidence that it is safe and effective. A team of CDER physicians, statisticians, chemists, pharmacologists, and other scientists reviews the sponsor’s NDA containing the data and proposed labeling.
Add to that the news that it’s supposed to take 12 years to get a vaccine to market, yet in the case of the Ebola vaccine, it’s being fast-tracked because the disease is such a worldwide threat.  (Notice the chilling announcement that there are 271 additional vaccines currently somewhere in the approval process.  It seems they’re not going to stop until they vaccinate us right back into the Stone Age.)

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